Supporting the environment

Wood-fuel specialists Fuelsell have introduced a brand new and unique firelighting product to the UK market which is environmentally-friendly and carbon lean.

Chunky Chips are produced as a by-product of Fuelsell’s naturally air-dried log production. All timber processed by the company comes from sustainable, renewable managed woodlands and is cut and air-dried at Fuelsell’s wood-fuel station in the old-fashioned, time honoured way - open to all elements of the weather.

Chunky Chips are made from the low value timber that doesn’t go into log production. The wood chips are air-dried naturally and then lightly coated in a natural resin to produce an all-in-one environmentally friendly way of lighting a fire moving away from traditional paraffin based fire lighting cubes.

Fuelsell’s age old method for producing Chunky Chip involves just two key elements: Time and Mother Nature. 

 NO Kindling.  NO Firelighters.  NO Paper.


Buy online or call 01508 548278