Eco-friendly, air-dried
woodchip fire starter 

This is Fuelsell’s most advanced eco-friendly product yet. The Chunky Chip is a multi-purpose all-in-one woodchip designed for you to light your fire without the need of any ordinary firelighters, just by simply using a match. This product has been designed by using naturally air-dried wood chips, lightly coated in our natural resin to produce the complete solution to lighting yourfire – naturally. Chunky Chips woodchips come in an attractive recyclable box and are available in various fragrances for different seasons.

 NO Kindling.  NO Firelighters.  NO Paper.


One box of chips is sufficient for lighting at least 12 fires.

  • Clean and convenient, all natural product
  • Natural resin coating for quick lighting
  • Environmentally safer than ordinary firelighters

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